Irish Lace Museum - A Virtual Visit

The internet is a magnificent thing. It allows us to virtually visit places we could only dream of traveling to. The Sheelin Lace Museum would definitely be on my travel itinerary if I were traveling to Northern Ireland.

These photos are from the Museum website and offer a glimpse of the incredible vintage laces on display and for sale there.

 What a lovely atmosphere. Imagine tending shop among these exquisite laces. I would be forced to pick up every single piece and examine its intricate pattern.

 Merchandising and creating these dreamy displays would be effortless because the lace pieces create their own aura.

I would be tempted to purchase every one of these beautiful dolls....and many of the stunning lace pieces. 
If any you have been fortunate enough to visit this lovely shop and museum, I would love to hear details about your experience. For your own virtual visit: .

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Teri McFarlan said...

Oh girl, this is a place I dream about visiting! If I am ever fortunate enought to go there I will share my experience with you. Should you make it there, you'll have to share with us as well! I'd have to be careful to budget otherwise I'd spend every penny I have there!!!