In today's post I am featuring some gorgeous things from BHLDN, the Anthropologie owned shop devoted to the bridal business.

This dress is stunning for an afternoon bride, or for the bridal shower. Pure elegance in lace.

I was intrigued by these pieces. They are tatted with pearls and beads. Imaginative and beautiful designs.

I have designed a few bridal sashes with lace and flowers on luxurious silk-satin ribbon and each seems to have a personality of its own. The one featured below by BHLDN is equally as lovely.

This piece is my most favorite of the collection. A pearl encrusted clutch. I would keep this out and on display to be able to appreciate it's subtle beauty every day.

A lovely lace stole.

I found these shoes to be an interesting design. The lace upper makes them so pretty to look at but I would have to actually see (and feel) them on before I could decide if they were worth the investment.

 I decided to add these two pictures. The smokey crystal earrings would make a sweet complement to the gold lace topper.


Loving the chic"ness" of this ensemble. 

Loving lace (and pearls) as I do, I am always perusing what is "out there" to satisfy my penchant for loviness. The BHLDN website is a wonderful place to spend some time looking at beautiful things. Take a few minutes to visit and see for yourself.


Nadia Bhuptani said...

All these pieces are soooo beautiful, from the dresses to the accessories. Amazing choices! Thanks so much for sharing Home For Handmade

Nadia Bhuptani said...

Gorgeous pictures and pieces, love the vintage feel, thanks so much! Lovely blog Home For Handmade