Getting Closer

How I love productive days....and thankfully, I have been having quite a few (the sun helps). My new holiday floral designs are flying out of the studio before I even get a chance to list them. Not to worry though, I have designed a few exclusively  for the website and will have them posted in the next few days. (If you would like to be the first to be alerted as to when they are posted, please subscribe to our email list.) They are lovingly boxed and packed, ready to ship immediately. They will ship via parcel post so allow about a week to receive them. I usually like to ship priority mail but the shipping costs for these oversized boxes were astronomical! Parcel post was far more reasonable.

After the holiday florals are posted, I will be focusing on getting a few more of our insanely popular shabby stars posted before the holidays. I have spent much time developing other aspects of the business that my sweet shabby stars have sat alone patiently waiting to be completed. Look for a new selection of shabby hearts to be released after the holidays. They are so beautiful and much easier to intricately  stitch and design because of their full shape. The love of the "heart shape"  is universal and means so much to a lot of us. I see these being even more popular than the stars. So again, sign for the newsletter to be one of the first to see them as they are unveiled.

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