Who We Are

In today's hectic, fast-paced world, we need a sanctuary... a haven, a soft place to land. We need a personal space that speaks of quiet and tranquility. One that allows us the comfort and renewal that only being "home" brings.

At A Vintage White we strive to capture the essence of formality and elegantly translate it to today's casual lifestyles. We embrace the desire to simplify life in order to bring some bit of stillness to our own restless world. We forgive imperfections and appreciate the beauty in the old, worn or flawed  - where time-worn is seen as time-honored.

Our carefully selected products convey our affinity for quality goods and our penchant for romantic details.
Our exclusive designs honor casual elegance incorporating the use of vintage linens, laces and exquisite adornments. We offer custom embroidered monograms to imitate those of treasured family heirlooms. We hand-select only the finest items to offer, with the desire to inspire you to create your own peaceful place - your sanctuary.

Photo courtesy of bhg.com


Tutti Chic said...

Trisha-everything is absolutely gorgeous! congrats on such a pretty boutique & blog!!! xoxo tutts

Rita said...

"Simplify"...love the word more and more and if fact is my best seller sign. I love the soft pink too for the walls of the bedroom. Have a great rest of the week ciao Rita mammabellarte

The French Bear said...

Love your blog and your shop!!! I am saving my pennies, can't wait to come shopping!!!
Margaret B

Ticking and Toile said...

I ~l o v e~ that bedroom! I have that picture torn out of a magazine from 10 years ago & still love it). I actually contacted Bountiful to find out what paint color that is but Sue sold that cottage..so they don't have it...:(

your blog is gorgeous!


blushing rose said...

What a gorgeous presentation! I love white! I love roses.

Popover for our TRIPLE GIVEAWAY if you haven't already. Have a lovely eve. TTFN ~Marydon

LuLu said...

I'm completely captured! Can't wait for you shop to OPEN!

AuroraSuzette said...

Funny. I just mentioned my lack of whites, and here you are to the rescue with an inspiring post. What an inviting, restful bedroom.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Trisha, I am anxious to see what your teddy bears will be like.
Likin the roses too, of course.


Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Your new website sounds lovely, cant wait for the grand opening! So nice to have found you
time worn style

decorator to the stars said...


Greet said...

I am so glad to have discovered your blog through the euroantiquemarket blog!
Your blog is so beautiful and cosy!!

Greet from Belgian Pearls blog