Serenity through Shopping

I am (forever) on a quest for serenity. I need that stillness to calm the chaos that lives in my mind. (You know what I mean don't you? Can you hear it too?)

Every once in a while, when stillness eludes me, I find taking a "virtual" stroll through my favorite online shops helps transport me to a calmer place. (and I so love the fact that I can get there without traveling, searching for parking, or considering rush hour traffic etc.) 

Have you ever noticed that "shopping" is so much more enjoyable when you are not really "shopping" at all? When the pressure to find "just the right thing", in "just the right size", gives way to a peaceful experience of viewing exciting, new things. The key to finding that "calm" for me, is by (only) looking at things in my favorite (soft) colors or (shades of) white. 

(This cup and saucer reminds me of a cable knit sweater.)

It doesn't matter if it is housewares, clothing or furniture. I am bathed in tranquility when I imagine those items decorating my life. (and in case you were wondering, although sorely tempted, I don't purchase every piece I see - sometimes just placing them in my thoughts is enough - that's my story and I'm sticking to it) What a peaceful feeling to be surrounded by things that you really love, that silently communicate your personal style.

I have posted pictures of some of the lovely things that I came across during my latest leisurely virtual stroll through Anthropologie.   
I love the damask motif bath rug (pictured above)...and it comes in both white and cream.  (I am feeling calmer already, how about you?).

The  intricately carved wood frame makes this mirror a stunning statement piece. (hmm, where should I hang this piece - entrance or hallway?)

TIn switchplate covers - it's those interesting details that define style. (lack of interesting details define the need for a virtual shopping trip ;0)

Whisper light sweater (but needs a fabric flower brooch).

A subtle lace detail is added to the placket of this basic henley. Minimum effort for maximum style.

Have you found tee shirts are just not long enough? I may add lace detailing to the front of mine and echo the treatment at the hemline - making it longer on style (oh yes I did.)

Pretty, pretty. 
(Have you noticed though, how a lot of sleeves are styled for long monkey arms or it is a giant conspiracy with stain remover companies that benefit from cuffs dipping into your lobster bisque?)

I admit, I have always been into ruffles in a big way. I am a ruffaholic.

I saw this worn under a jacket with jeans. Adorable. (in an actual photo, not in my mind this time.)

Simple, comfortable style and lace details. (Dear Santa, please bring me one of these)

Just plain pretty to look at.

Bought these for my daughters to wear, or to lay gathered in a wooden bowl for decoration. (win-win) ;0)

Escargot earrings. Nice detail and size. (Almost makes me forget my disturbing childhood experience with escargot..... not really)

I adore pearls. You can never have enough - at least that's what I tell my sweeties.
Can't bear to think of the fact that they come from slimey oysters. (Did I ever tell you that my first pair of pearl earrings came from Sea World - another story for another time)

Crystals on the other hand come from heaven! The ribbon is tied by angels. (not really)
I especially love when they are coated with aurora borealis (these aren't but I won't hold it against them, mainly because angels tied that bow they are wearing). 

 Loving the shades of these earrings. Subtle but sparkley - like stars. 

Sweet eyelet leather belt. Wish it came in a lighter tan (and with a waistline to fit it).

A lace necklace too pretty to store in a drawer or jewelry box. This is one of those pieces that needs to be used in a display in your home where it can be enjoyed daily.

I encourage you to take a little time to surround yourself with (at least images of) things that bring you serenity. (Ironically it brings with it, an inner energy that gently fuels your style and soul.)



Bonjade said...

Love all the items especially the necklaces and earrings.....
So lovely
Nice evening

chateaudelille said...

Stunning collection! Especially got excited at the switchplates and rug. I oh so wish I could get those!Many thanks, Fiona

Anonymous said...

Love all those whites! The belt with the lace is fabulous, I wonder how hard that would be to make? Love your blog, Marcia

Highland Monkey's said...

I don't know which thing I like the best....think it would be the light switch covers very unusual.

Pink Princess said...

LOVE all these too. That teeshirt is adorable, and I have those long arms that needs the longer sleeves lol. And the belt with the lace would not be too hard to copt ;)

Anonymous said...

I love every one of those shirts!!!

Yolanda Barker said...

Great post - and beautiful blog. Thanks for sharing :)


Screaming Meme said...

Great post! I love all the outfits and classy! I wanted to stop in and personally invite you to my blog, Screaming Meme. It is a decorating blog...I look forward to reading more of your posts... Meme