Enjoying the Finer Things - Beautiful New Items Coming

I have been on a constant search for beautiful items for our Linen Luxuries department at A Vintage White for quite some time. But I have been finding that there is virtually nothing fresh, new or exciting out there for us and really hasn't been for some time. A bit dismayed, and while still working on our exclusive design line, I decided to search among the talented cottage business owners around me. After weeks of searching and studying and comparing products, I was thrilled to have found Susan.

Susan makes the most beautiful, quality products and her presentation is always stunning. She produces her product with such care and attention to every detail. We are very excited to be offering Susan's items and know you will love these as much as we do. Although she was quite busy, we were able to have her create some lovely things going into this holiday season. We will be offering her jewlery pouches and closet safes. Susan's products fit perfectly into our plan of offering our customers the finer things, those extra special, beautiful items that enhance your way of life (and charm others in the process). You know, those things that you may not have thought were essential  but add such feelings of pamered extravagance that they become essential to your well-being?

I love to have beautiful things around me, they make me happy, they allow me momentary escapes that have such a calming affect on me. Look for Susan's beautiful products to debut at A Vintage White in mid-October and think about allowing some of the finer things to bring you comfort and happiness just by their beauty.

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Lynn said...

Sweetly beautiful, as always.