Running Samples

After a very busy weekend I am finally back in the studio doing one of my favorite things - running samples.

We are adding a line of private label layette items for baby at AVW and are putting together the fonts and motifs we will be offering. All items we carry will be offered only in white but with delicate, pastel embroidery. (We are in the process of setting up our etsy store where we will be offering more colorful designs by way of applique and brighter thread choices.) As soon as I had seen how this design sewed out, I could not wait to run to my blog and post a picture for you! I hope to have the site set with these new designs by the end of the week. Please let me know what you think!



Heirlooms For You said...

It is beautiful. Carol

Pieces of Dreams said...

That is so beautiful! Your embroidered roses are perfect!!!

sissie said...

Oh how sweet and soft looking.


Doni said...

You're making heirlooms!! Yes you are! In the next generation people will ooohhh and awwwww over the delicate blankets that were kept back as too good to use but for special occasions and will be doing what we do today with all the beautiful items from our past.
So pretty and definitely a perfect baby item! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Susan said...

These are really beautiful, I really like the two coloured sewing, pretty design, too.

Anonymous said...

they are all just gorgeous...but that baby crib...oh still my heart! :)

lory said...

these are beautiful, perfect!!!congratulations!!!!
hugs lory