Having Wine and Cheese with Pottery Barn

I am not a big fan of the Fall season, and although I love to decorate, doing so for fall is a challenge each year. Craving change at the end of summer, I search far and wide to find the right accesories that will give my home a more autumnal feel without succumbing to the overuse of the expected oranges and greens. (blah)

While doing research (gotta love a professsion when "shopping" is considered "research") I came across this wonderful selection of entertaining and serving pieces that fit right in with the season (or any season for that matter). Pottery Barn is featuring fabulous baskets and warm woods this season. Above is a pizza cutting board that also serves as a platter or display.

This wine barrel tray makes a great cutting board for a sumptious fruit and cheese display. (Did I mention I love cheese?) My mind is already working on how I would adapt it for use in other seasons or with other themes. This fabulous rustic element will "soften" the overall feel when used with more formal pieces like vintage silvers or other metals.
Of course, if your wine and cheese party will include an assortment of different cheeses, then these porcelain markers and cutters are a necessity that will save you from answering the question over and over again - "what kind of cheese is this?".

Do not, I repeat, do not give in to using disposable napkins. This is the perfect opportunity to use your lovely heirloom cloth napkins - and they add so much charm to the setting - truly "a vintage white".

I thought these little pedestals were adorable and are a wonderful way to add height and interest to your table display. The warm wood tone works right in with the fall season and can replace the typical oranges, browns and greens normally seen in a fall display. 

The colors and textures of woven baskets fit right into a fall theme and are great for keeping things organized.

They are at home in any room of the house, just waiting to be used for storage, serving or display.

Consider using lidded baskets as end tables that double as storage pieces - a great way to keep throws and blankets concealed when not in use. Imagine all the things in your home you would like accessiblity to but are otherwise visually distracting - storing them in baskets may be the perfect solution.

I promise to continue doing "research" to inspire you to incorporate "the casual elegance of time worn style" into your home. Oh, and stay tuned, I have been working on a big project with an announcement coming soon!


Rita said...

Love the great ideas...thank you what's going on today? I just posted about a platter with different kind of cheese and then I see you just did a post with cheese.(check it out) Is something in the air? Love everything you have shown, looking forward for the kids to go to school and get organized. Ciao

Lynn said...

Oh, you are gooooood.
Thank you for the fresh new ideas.
I am not worthy.

OK, yes I am.

Tracey said...

It's all just lovely! I'm with you on the Fall decorating, I just can't do orange, it doesn't go with my decor. These are wonderful solutions for Fall!!!

:) T

Alice W. said...

I adore fall...but not so much Halloween decorating. I love to keep a white/cream/taupe theme all year and think it can definitely be done in the Fall. In fact just today...I was flipping through the book "White on White" and she talks about white looks for fall...and even includes looks similar to these!

Bochenko Artdeco said...

Amazing inspirations! Cheese platter look fabulous! Thanks for sharing with us your ideas!

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Hi Rita, you are so dang creative, I love yous style. I love the way you express yourself too. If you'd ever like to do an exchange I'd love too.


Miss Mustard Seed said...

I love suing linen napkins and I don't even mind the ironing. When we have people over they are not sure if they should use them! You have a gorgeous blog and I am definitely following!