I Love Letters

I love letters, it is in my DNA. As a child, I was lucky to help my uncle at his printing business. He had a quaint stone shop in the back yard of our home. I remember he worked tirelessly, day and night and it is from him, that I learned responsibility, the importance of following directions, and the unrivaled feeling of satisfaction from a job well done. "Up the shop" was where I was exposed to many typography styles which led to my viewing all letters in an artful way.

Combining different font syles gives a more expressive and "personalized" monogram.

My first exposure to mongrams were the tiny little "F's" that were sew on my uncles dress hankerchiefs.  It honed my eye for noticing embroidered letters on fine linens. How I would admire their elegant beauty. In later years I was able to combine my "letter love" with the artful sewing skills taught to me by my Mother and Aunt. I have been involved with sewing monograms for well over 30 years and even now  still experience delight at anything monogrammed.

A two-letter monograms is nested in vines. 

It is with that devotion that last year, I decided to forego all other creative endeavors and concentrate solely on developing my (Trisha Evans Designs - A Vintage White) business lines. I have been stretched in so many directions for so long and just needed to simplify my life and give my creative spirit flight (instead of more deadlines). I will be introducing custom monogram designs and exclusive products for vintage-inspired living. While I am thoroughly enjoying every step of the process of designing and digitizing my own monogram fonts and motifs, I am inspired by some wonderful styles from other designers. I am combining a few of my favorites here, to exemplify what I see as the changing look of traditional monograms. 

We are working with various suppliers and workrooms to bring you some wonderful new products to showcase your custom monogram choices while still reflecting the casual elegance of time-worn style. It is my hope that letters will one day too become my legacy as they have with my uncle. I love you (Uncle) Chilly for it is to you that I owe so much, most especially my love of letters!


Pieces of Dreams said...


This is so wonderful and best wishes with this wonderful business venture! I have always loved all things like this. Makes you want to get into bed, donned in a crisp cotton gown, perfectly groomed and creamed with lotions that are scented from heaven! How romantic! I had a lovely time visiting, Karen

vintage beadery said...

Hi I love the simple elegance of your designs, i've nominated you for a sunshine award for an inspiring blog. Link to my blog for more details

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Gorgeous Monograms, Trisha. Absolutely breathtaking. Lidy

Mari y Viges said...