Let's Go Shopping!

Now that the world wide web is here, I prefer to do my shopping from the comfort of my desk chair. My nephew Christopher is getting married in July and I was looking for a dress. But while visiting some of my favorite websites, I found some fabulous shoes (my downfall). Shoes have always been my downfall. I remember when my nephew Mark was young and he walked into my closet and then later asked his Mom if it was a shoe store. It was of sorts. MY shoe store. And as the years passed and my  dress size got a bit larger, my shoe size was the only thing that remained the same. So in celebration of shoes (lol) I am posting a few pair that I found at Spiegel. Loved their catalogs and merchandise for years! So here we go!

Crocheted open-toed pumps! Wow! I am not sure how supportive they would be, but they are shoes - who thinks about comfort when buying gorgeous pumps of any kind?  Comfortable pumps (to me) is a contradiction in terms.

These hot little numbers may just be the ones that I purchase for the wedding, if I get the bronze dress that I was looking at.

I am intrigued by texture and these crochet high heeled sandals caught my eye. If I was 20 years younger they would be in MY shoe store.

Love, love, LOVE these shoes. They have texture that I like, with lace that I adore. What a sweet little pair of gems to wear around the holidays! I may have to see if they have my size. But even if they don't, I have planted a seed and may embellish my own suede shoes for this years holiday season.

Where is your favorite place to shop for shoes? Spiegel, Zappo's, Neimans? 

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