Jewelry Boxes

While waiting for spring...(that's my story and I'm sticking to it) I find myself looking (ok, shopping) for items that will  get me one step closer to my organizational goals. Of all my jewelry, my favorites are my pearls, but they do present a problem when storing because of their bulk. I came upon these jewelry boxes from Pottery Barn and especially love how they would blend so nicely into my creamy white bedroom. 

Love the hardware on this piece - it gives it a slight rustic feel. (This looks like a sturdy little bugger)

This jewlery box is a bit more subdued and has an elegant 40's feel to the design.

A perfect piece for storing fine, feminine pieces. As beautiful as this piece is (and it is!) my pearl collection would never fit in those tiny compartments. (so sad)

This set has possibilities, but I would have to have them spanning the top of my dressser to store all of my pearl necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

I love this idea and have the perfect frame and fabric for it. Now all I have to do is find the time to put it all together. (stay tuned)

Organizationally, this case would certainly solve my problem. My bulky pearls would majestically hang from appointed hooks. However, it too appears to be a bit small for the job. I would tweek this design just a bit to increase size and maybe give it a more elegant look.

I thought this was sweet. A graceful metal branch serves as an earring "tree" (oh yes, I did)

Various mirrored trays keep things neat, but I would prefer to use some creamy china plates or bowls instead. (They hold more!)

This sweet birdie bowl is a charming example of blending storage and display. 

I may have to use a combintion of these pieces to store and display my pearl collection. My problem isn't totally solved but I did enjoy "shopping" for ideas.


melody-mae said...

oh my...these all all so lovely. i am truly in need of something to organize all my many lovelies...i was thinking of the framed look too. oh how i would love to have one of those lovely vintage looking boxes though!

Judy C said...

All of the ideas are great. I especially love the frame. If I can't see my jewelry I forget about it. And I have so much of it I might need several frames. But with the right fabric, wouldn't they be beautiful?

Vintage Gal said...

The jewellery boxes are lovely. I have the same problem tooo many pearls. I have a jewellery box on my dresser, vintage of course and I purchased white wrought iron hooks that look like flowers (ebay) and hung all my pearls on them right on the wall ~ voila done ;-)

Cindy said...

That is the sweetest little bird dish! Perfect idea!
Hope your weekend is wonderful!

missshawna said...

They are all lovely! I love the frame and fabric idea too. Can't wait to see what you do.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love having pearls and costume jewelry in a bowl or old box! You have some wonderful ways to display jewelry! ♥

Anonymous said...

Trisha, these are all beautiful. The top ones definitely remind me of the 40s and 50s styles. I put cup hooks on the wall in my bedroom and have my necklaces hanging from them all within view. Pretty to look at and easy to select from. I'd like to put all the hooks onto a decorative board instead though and have my eyes on the lookout for something with carving.
Nice to see you posting! :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet and follow you!

I love these creamy jewel boxes! I have been organizing things in my home, and getting my jewels in order was such a fun thing to do...but putting them in a gorgeous box like these!! Thanks so much for sharing these yummy photos!

Come by sometime!

Ciao Bella!

Creative Carmelina

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love seeing all of these! I just posted about an old jewelry box that I bought! I love them ALL! And I love pearls...and beautiful jewelry of any type! ♥

Alyse said...

i love love love these little jewelry boxes. especially the one that sets on a wall. perfection!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

All of these are so pretty! I need a jewelry box, I love the first one so very much!
Have a pretty day!

Cottage Touch said...

Good Morning...Beautiful post and blog...

Juniper Hill Antiques said...

Love your birdie bowl! Pearls are my favorite also! Organizining is a full time job, I salute you for getting organized!

maría cecilia said...

Hola, lovely blog and so nice findidng you.
I love Papillon linens too!!!
hugs from Chile

Caroline said...

These all look so beautiful. I love the look of the jewellery boxes. I forgot what I have if its not on display. I might take some of these ideas for myself. They are lovely.


Laurene's Genealogy said...

A friend spray-painted (white) a standing, wicker, female, torso and then hung her jewelry and scarves on it. Laurene