I Hit the Mother Lode

I just knew that I would find something at the Covered Bridge Festival yesterday - just had that feeling.  I think that is why I figured that I better stop at the bank before we left - just in case.  Well I do believe I hit the mother lode. 
I found a beautifully refurbished chandelier that is the perfect size for my dining room. I have been shopping for the right one for a long time but hesitated buying one before actually seeing it to get the true dimensions. My dining room is small and I did not want anything too overwhelming. This is creamy and (did I mention) perfect!
I also found quite a few mirrors to add to my collection. I now should be able to create my "feature wall" of framed mirrors for the staircase. I love how mirrors can enlarge a space just by what is in their reflection.   

I stumbled upon vintage salt and pepper shakers that I plan to "dress up"  and offer as my giveaway for tomorrows blog party. I will be posting pictures later. I also scored some fabulous furniture pieces - a gorgeous coffee table and uber-fabulous chair. (You should have seen my husbands face when he saw me carrying yet another chair). I have such high hopes for this sweetie, and may even use her as my office chair. Unfortunately I cannot post her picture because she is in a dark wood and I need to spruce her up and give her a coat or two of paint - white paint. The other items are still at the shop as I could not take them with me yesterday. But as soon as I get them home and in their chosen spaces, I will show you all of them in their refurbished glory! What a great score, what a great day! 

I am always on the lookout for beautiful vintage white linens and found quite a few yesterday. There is one monogramed and embroidered cloth that I will be posting about. It is a very interesting piece but I am not sure exactly of it's purpose. Maybe one of my blog friends can help me figure it out. Look for that next week!

I think I may have joined the ranks of the "die-hard" antiquers. I can already feel the addiction building. So this is what "they" have been buzzing about all this time - getting up early on weekends in search of treasures, driving through towns and stopping at each tag sale or resale shop on the path, and finding just the right pieces to define your home with your own vintage (white) style. Yep, I think with all of my new goodies and a new found hobby, I have hit the Mother Lode!


Enchanted Rose Studio said...

You hit it with style! Before you paint that chair, why not take the before pic, then post both the before and after? Speaking for myself, I would love to see them both.

Congrats on your fab finds!


Joan said...

Yes, I agree you hit it with style!!!!!!!! Happy Sunday. Lovely blog. xo Joan

Lana said...

I am looking forward to seeing your finds! Be sure to take before pics ~ it's always fun to see before and after!