Painted White

How many people do you know, that can translate vintage style so effortlessly through paper and tiny wooden spools?  

And then package them up with the utmost care in order to capture the essence of "time-worn" style.

She is a not only a master in design, but is so very skillful in selecting the most wonderful treasures for her web shop. I was so lucky to get this beauty from her before it was gone! Lovely things never last long especially at Painted White!

I am such a fan of Alice's photography. I remember a photo she had available quite a while ago that had watch faces and shimmering crystals. It was vintage beauty personified, but alas, I dragged my feet and it was gone. I still think about that photo. :0(

The talent however, does not end with Alice in the Wingerden household, as her husband (St.) Joshua designs the most incredible jewelry pieces crafted with vintage elements. Look at this fabulous ring from watch parts! What an amazingly creative atmosphere there must be in that home! 

This will not be the last time that you will hear of Alice at Painted White. I am secretly hoping she will agree to an interview so that we can learn more about the creative spirit that lives as Alice W. I encourage you to visit her at Painted White  and her inspiring blog "Thoughts from Alice W". You are sure to be enchanted as you experience her casual elegance and artful eye. 

Photos courtesty of Alice W.


Alice W. said...

I feel truly humbled and honor that you would share about my little shop and blog so eloquently. You have truly made my day and I am so blessed to have found you! I have perused your posts in the past for inspiration for my own never stop sharing the goodness you never know who will be inspired! Thank you again dear friend!

Chatelaine said...

I am reading your post and the very items you posted are the items I recently purchased from Alice. I bought the spools and the cherub doorknocker. Both items are fabulous. They arrived quickly and were packaged beautifully. She even threw in a few extra surprises.

Your blog is beautiful. I am off to read prior posts.

Dody Jane said...

My blog isn't white - but much of my house is! A fried once told me I was the Emily Dickinson of decorating - I love your blog and adore all things white.

Angela Harris said...

Wow! These vignettes are wonderful!
Every single detail is beautiful!

Sabrina (Fata Minore) nata al tramonto said...

Very nice blog :)

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