During the holiday season I love to burn candles but like to incorporate them into a display to maximize the effect of the comforting glow.  I found this wonderful assortment of candle holders at Illuminations. What a striking display it makes. It will work nicely into any home decor but is especially striking when combined with other elements of a vintage white style.

I love the reflection of flickering candlelight and always try to incorporate it onto my tabletop. I have become particularly fond of floating candles because you have the calming element of water and light, which seem to play beautifully off of each other. 
When floating candles are not practical or available, I opt for placing candles into glass cylinders or candlecups to keep the flame contained. These frosted ones with etched snowflakes are sure to warm even the frostiest winter chill.

As a self confessed lover of lace, these candleholders would have to be my favorite. They can be formal and romantic or when added to a more simple setting,  they can create their own drama. 

For a truly special table, add a candle to each place setting. This will unquestionably tell your  guests  just how special they are to you.

Whether you choose to use a candle here or there, or en masse, be sure capture the glow of the holidays with the relaxing flicker of candlelight.


Michelle said...


Just beautiful. I love candles but am terrible about blowing them out! Ugh. We used to have an Illuminations store here but they closed down. I miss it. I love all of these candles on this post though!

Chrissy said...

I too love candle light, I have developed a silly little trick to make sure they all get blown I light them before company comes, I count them,write down how many I lit and then make sure I blow out the same amount sounds silly but hey its safe and it works!!Lovely blog!!!

texasdaisey said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOO, what pretty white ideas you have! I love the candles in the birdhouses.