Dear Friends,
 After a particularly difficult summer, I am back to posting. Not wanting to drag you through the horrific details, or re-live them, just let me say that our sweet little Bella has been encountering serious behavioral issues which has led us to therapy visits twice weekly since July.  We continue to take it one day at a time but are grateful that we are finally seeing some improvement. She has issues that are normally seen in institutionalized children not those who have been in foster care. We were assured and trusted that her every need would be met the seven months she was in individualized care. We have since learned this not to be true. So being unconditionally committed to the needs of this beautiful child, that we waited so long for, we will continue to do everything in our power to get her to where she deserves to be - happy and well adjusted. 

So please forgive my unexplained absence. I look forward to reconnecting with you, my sweet blog friends. Thank you for the kind concern of those that have continued to check in on me, and a deep and heartfelt thanks for lifting my spirits and helping me to get through this very disheartening and difficult time.
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Country French Antiques said...

Beautiful blog you have! I found you via my sitemeter. Merci for adding me to your blogroll and I have added you also.
Hope things work out for your child.
Have a beautiful weekend!

Lisa said...

I do hope things will be ok for your and your child. I do enjoy your blog and check in often but certainly understand where time is limited. Sending good wishes your way.