Is It Only Me?

I do not like dirt, or grime and I especially do not like cootie bugs. (notice I said nothing here about clutter - not that I like it, but that I do have it).  So I have been torn. I have been wanting a vintage dress form for quite sometime and have been searching diligently for one. I have found one on ebay but... is it only me? Does the thought of where it's been (and I am not talking in a history sense) and the cootie bugs it may have accumulated, make you squeemish?  

I have seen the beautiful work done by some artisans who paint their dress forms bringing them back to their antique beauty ( and I have loved them) ...but what about cooties? Now maybe I am making more of this than needs be, but the thought of bacterias and "micro-ooganisms" from years past gives me the creeps. I am ALL for vintage beauty, ALL for it, but in cases like this, I am all for brand new too. So I think, unless you convince me otherwise, that I will be purchasing this vintage inspired dress form from one of my favorite places - Pottery Barn teen.

I can paint on her, antique her, and I certainly plan to "dress" her in flowers, pearls, ribbons  and jewelry. But at least my mind will never revisit the visions of old cootie bugs breeding on her. I do realize that someday she too, will be an antique but at least I will know where her cooties came from.


vintage paper bella ~ andrea said...

pretty! I need one of those really bad! Dress her up cute!

Joanne Kennedy said...

I had to laugh at this post because I've always thought the same thing. I've seen a few of them for super prices at thrift stores but I've always passed them up. It just creeped me out to much.

Sort of like buying a used bed or something. YUCK!


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

I love love that dress form from Pottery Barn !!! Darn, I wish I would have seen that before I did mine ~ I bought a new one on ebay and then aged it but I really like that one ~
I am off to take a peek at the PB website ~

Mammy's Stitches said...

OMG! I share the same feelings, for sometime now I have searching and searching a dress form, Just seem like I cant find one until I ran across this site OMG you must see they are GORGEOUS! I am saving up for one and will treat myself to this for Christmas. Love your Post!
Peace and Blessings

Cheryl...remember to Snatch JOY!

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

Cooties are something that I have never thought of when buying a dress form. I've been looking for one for quite awhile and am still looking...but now...well, maybe I will buy a new one. Someone else's cooties...gross! LOL! (*_*)