, really!

This time I will post a picture,  and not delete it so that I get this huge white square showing everyone what a goober I am (as in the last post).
Here is just a little hint of what I have planned for a vintage white. I am still working on the photos so bear with me. If you have any EASY photography tips, please post here. lol. Remember I said easy, please do not talk to me of things like shutter speed etc. because I would not even know where my shutter is. ;0) It's all point and shoot for me!


Lisa said...

Afraid I am useless for photo tips for you, I thought shutters were on houses? HA! I love the photo above so much and I can't wait to see the grand project completed.
I'm a point and shoot girl myself, and what I do know is while I have often wasted a half roll of film at an event, it is the only way I've ever gotten a decent one in the middle. Hubby bought me Photoshop 6 for xmas, as I always have to tweak things in a photo editor before they are fit to use. Now if I just knew how to use it!
Good luck and waiting anxiously to see more.

Loving Her Beautiful said...

Hi, Trisha,
Thanks for visiting and for the kind comment.
I've looked at your site: wow! You're certainly NOT a goober! It's gorgeous!

Fete et Fleur said...

What lovely goodies! I can't wait to see what else you have in store!!

Hugs! Nancy

Tutti Chic said...

AWESOME Trisha!!! Can't wait to see more of what's in store! I LOVE my engraved earings from you engraved jewelry boutique!!! :) xo tutti

Angel... said...

Hi Dear,

I like your postings... and will wait for new things in your store..

keep up the good work, will be back

Joy said...

Wow, this photos is absolutely gorgeous. I love these colors too.

p.s. I have no idea about shutter speed etc. either - my brain is too old and too full to get any of that information in there! lol


Debbie said...

Trisha....your photos are you, I also use the point and shoot technique...but your pics are really really nice! Can't wait to read your next post.


Debbie said...

Your pictures look lovely to me....I'm not good with the camera either...just a point and shoot girl. I love your new white blog!