Do You Ever......

....get the feeling that you are a little off-kilter? (not sure what that really means either?) It just seems to sum up how I feel some days, when I am not really on top of my game. Today was one of those days. Wait, who am I kidding...this was one of those weeks. I wish I could isolate it into just 24 hours. Now maybe I am being a little hard on myself - it has been said you know. But if I am not hard on myself then how can I hope to achieve the things my soul needs me to achieve and in the time frame my head is dictating.

I am working on quite a few projects. They are a still in the creating phases where I am gathering all of my thoughts, notes and sketches. But I have been working non-stop on these projects., and when I work like this, I feel like I am neglecting other things (like maybe laundry and grocery shopping?) lol. So I feel "off-kilter". Unbalanced (of course that may have been said before too, lol) I so wish I could find a balance. Balance could free my mind for more creativity. But alas, no balance - no "kilter".

I also put some time into getting my ideas together for a banner for this blog. It is not totally finished but I will leave it up for a day or two just to "live with it" so that each time I post I can look at it and critique. Once it moves past the critique phase it goes into the "tweak" phase of making any minute changes to what is "off kilter". And I DO know that the banner that I have up now, is in itself "off-kilter". I will try to correct that as soon I can figure out where in the world to begin. HTML and all of that crazy googaly moogaly fries my brain and in itself throws me "off-kilter". So please bear with me as I move along on my never-ending quest to finding my "kilter". And, if anyone has seen it, or has found theirs, please contact me! :O) I could really use the help.

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Stephanie said...

Oh, I SOOO understand your post. It's been one of those weeks for me, too! Daughter is getting married in less than 5 weeks & I have sooo much to do, I just don't even know where to begin!

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